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Skills Background

The following questions will not be used as scoring criteria. We just want to know how to customise the course especially for you. On a scale from 0 (I barely know what it is) to 10 (I’m a guru in it), how competent are you in the following domains:

1. Emotional Intelligence  *

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18. Statistical analysis of diverse data types *

19. Supervised Learning (Predictive modelling) *

20. Unsupervised Learning (Clustering) *

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22. What is the largest number of CPUs that you have used to solve a single problem? *

23. What is the largest dataset (in MB) that you have worked with? *

24. How many people were in the largest team that you have been part of that worked together on a single software project? (If you have not worked on a software project, enter 0.) *

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Predictive Marking

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What You'll Be Learning

The Decision Science Accelerator is designed to help you at multiple levels:

  • You will learn the essential discipline of adhering to a six stage process for decision science projects. It starts with understanding the problem and ends with developing and deploying a decision tool in the cloud.
  • You will also learn about the critical enablers for any decision science project. Amongst other things, this includes ethics and compliance, digital transformation, project management and data storytelling.

In short, you’ll learn where you belong in the decision science ecosystem and how you can contribute to delivering useful products and services to customers.

At Decision Science Accelerator, we believe that the best decision scientists put people and problems first. They are equal parts problem solver, analyst, innovator and business leader. They know how to operate in cross-functional teams. Most importantly, they are committed to developing transformative solutions that are commercially viable and rapidly scalable.

"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers." – Plato

See below a high-level view of Decision Science Accelerator’s process.